On the 23rd of April 2010 the artist R. Byrne motivated by a desire for an event that no longer existed and presenting herself as a collector of contemporary art contacted the two main galleries of artist Roberto Cuoghi for information on a ‘work’ carried out between late 1990′s and early 2000. On being told that the work was never a work and that therefore no documentation survived the event the artist was given information on his most recent self portraits. 2 days later documents were ordered, accounts were opened and a portrait was purchased. The artist R. Byrne changed her name and Roberto Cuoghi began to look like a woman ten years younger, 2011.

Roisin Byrne works the position of the artist to permeate the territories of Art and its properties examining Art and its relationships to forms of desire in a society of immaterial labour and luxury goods. Beyond the dry irony of appropriation, and the poetics of post-conceptualism, she humorously and yet aggressively challenges the boundaries of how an artist is allowed to behave. Prodding and provoking to unravel the accepted rules that structure art and its associations with culture, freedom and independence, her work depicts the shift in art practice in which ideas become common property which can be invoked, adapted and absorbed.