IRL 2011 is a survey and enquiry into the questions and challenges posed in the bleeding edge of research and practices of a wide range of fields, all at the intervenience of identity and technology; a virtual Venn Diagram of multiple overlapping interests and influences, and their presentation and influence on contemporary arts practices. IRL 2011 has been designed to be an armchair introduction for contemporary artists- as well as a wider, generally interested audience- to the issues, challenges and research going on in the fields that circumscribe the conditions or defining qualities of human-being.

How do we define ourselves as biological organisms; how do we define ourselves as cultural participants; how relevant are the social mores, laws, politics and economic we have inherited; how does an increasing rate of growth in technological development affect our relationships with consumer products, as hacking and open-source technologies vie for their evolutionary opportunity alongside corporate trade-secrets, proprietary programming and patent lawsuits.

IRL 2011: In Real Life is an interdisciplinary dialogue between artists, scientists, engineers, socio-political activists, hackers and others pushing beyond the typical, stereotyped or engineered boundaries and limits to lifestyles, technologies, practices and systems to explore what is possible today. Guest speakers for the 2-day conference held July 15th include trans-activist and writer Kate Bornstein (Thursday) and Dr. Henrik Scharfe with his geminoid project (Friday).