Ciara McMahon trained and practices both fine art and medicine. She recently graduated from NCAD with masters in Art in the Contemporary World (combined pathway). McMahon received a first (commended) in Fine Art Practice and Art History from NCAD. Her art work is collaborative and performative, realised through digital media and site specific installation. In 2010, McMahon was awarded a bursary to attend the Theory and Philosophy Summer School, Cork and a capital grant from Dun Laoghaire County Council. Her work is in the collection of the OPW, Ireland. In 2011 Ciara is due to sit on the editorial panel of the forthcoming Arts and Health website Council funded by the Arts Council. Selected exhibitions include: Chimeric Agonism, Broadstone Studio and Gallery,  Preface, Pallas Heights;  The Leaky Self Project, Dublin, TULCA;   Détruis Space, The joinery;   Moving Media Exhibiton, RUA;   My Space, Breaking Ground, Limerick City Museum;   Annual Exhibition, R.U.A.;   Future exhibitions include Mutual:Esteem, Ennistymon Courthouse Gallery.

Her art practice is frequently collaborative and performative, realised through film and site specific installation. Her work seeks the forgotten, the unacknowledged, and the repressed in our psyche and our society. Subjectivity, intersubjectivity and the body are explored in the work, which often asks how these play out in the disciplines of art and medicine. Selected forthcoming exhibitions include Birkbeck College, University of London; Bath Royal Science and Literacy Institution and Radical Love II, Dublin.