Where We Stood Changed the View

A talk by American artist Anthony Champa addressing issues of history, truth and memory through his work with the Teod Richter Archive.

“Teod Richter was a West German photographer who came to Belfast in 1970 to make his first full length film. This film was never completed and Richter left a year later leaving behind much of the work he had done here. Most of this work has been subsequently lost, but what remains has been the source for ongoing research and the creation of an archive by Anthony Champa. Richter’s disappearance in 1985 allows the archive and work Champa has produced to question the nature of archival truth and historical accuracy in a city with a history both so strong and so contentious.”


Anthony Champa is the recipient of several awards for his photography including an Aaron Siskind Fellowship (RI. 2006). His work explores the notions of proof, evidence and truth through documentary media. He has been working and studying in Belfast for the past two years as part of the MA Art in Public course at the University of Ulster.